Children and Cell Phones

I'm a mother of 2 boys and recently my husband and I decided to add a phone line on our cell phone  plan.  Originally, my eldest son wanted an I Pod Touch, I figured he was old enough to now have his own phone, plus I knew my husband was going to upgrade his I Phone 4 to the new I Phone 5, so I figured my son Aaron could have my husband"s I Phone 4 instead and we wouldn't have to buy a new I Pod Touch:)

Although, I'm a stay at home Mom, I make sure that I'm home before my eldest gets off the school bus, however, I still wanted him to have a cell phone.  I guess for me it was peace of mind, in case something happened and he couldn't get to the home phone or he was out and needed to call home, I knew he would have his cell phone on him.  Nowadays, it seems like there have been several tragic events involving children, that I would rather be safe than sorry.  Needless, to say my 11 year old does have an I Phone 4 and I have peace of mind that he can get in contact with me, my husband or Mother if need be.

Do your children have cell phones?  If so, do you feel more comfortable knowing that their able to reach you on their cell phone if need be?

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