The Snugg

Recently, I got a chance to do a product review for, thesnugg.com and for those of you who aren't familiar with them.  The Snugg sells a large range of cases for many different types of tablets and smartphones across the world.  These cases come in a wide variety of colors in genuine leather, and are a bestselling in the United States.

I received The Snugg, I Pad Mini Executive Case Cover and Flip Stand in Pink Leather and I would highly recommend their cases to all my friends, readers, and family members.  Why, because of the versatility of the each case.  I was able to combine both my wallet, and I Pad case into one which was really nice.  Also, there's a little slot at the top of my case for my pink stylus, and the price was just right, which definitely was a plus :) Overall, a great product to purchase.

Disclaimer...My post was sponsored by The Snugg, and I received my Pink IPad Mini Executive Case and Cover and Flip Stand in Pink Leather complimentary, and my review was done by me as well :)


  1. Love it! I sold my ipad mini and my nook and my kindle when I got my iphone. I realized I had them all plus text messaging. However, I wish I still had it because this is fabulous!

  2. Thanks! Really? I definitely understand that, and yeah that makes a lot of sense. Really? HA! Enjoy your evening:)