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Wordless Wednesday: Mount Wachusett

My family and I are visiting my in laws for a week in Boston, and on this particular evening we decided to drive instead of hike up the top of Mount Machusett.  While there I was able to snap beautiful photos of the scenery around me, and the ski area that's located there as well.  Here are some photos of my evening on the mountain:

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Mani Monday: Nirvana

Today's Mani Monday, which means I got a chance to paint my nails again.  YEAH!  For today, I applied two coats of Sinful Colors Professional Nail Laquer Nirvana and for my base & top coat I applied Sally Hansen Xtreme Hard as Nails.  Also, I loved how the color of my nail polish came out as well:)

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Look What I Got: Joe Fresh Pieces

Yesterday, my husband and I got a chance to spend some quality time together and while we were out we stopped by the mall.  One of the stores we stopped by was JC Penney's, and I've been eyeing their Joe Fresh Collection for some time now, but I've never bought any pieces.  While looking through the collection, I saw several pieces that caught my eye and all three happened to be on sale.  The original price would've been $63, but I only paid $36.  SCORE!  Now, I can't wait to style them:)

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Wordless Wednesday: Another Day at the Beach

Since my family and I have relocated to Maryland, there is nothing like being able to go to the beach.  It also helps that we're 30 minutes away from the beach as well.  So, when I'm able to snap some photos of the ocean, I try to do so.  Here are some photos of my day at the beach, one photo is of the ocean and the other is a photo of several kite fliers flying their kites while at the beach.

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No Motivation...

Although, I just completed my first year of blogging recently, lately I haven't been motivated to write. When I started my blog last year, I was so excited and pumped I hated skipping more than 1-2 days of writing.  However, lately I've been so busy unpacking boxes and getting our new home together, I just haven't been motivated to write.  Maybe I'm in summer vacation mode, or I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with my unpacking, but being in summer vacation mode has been so nice though:)

What do you do when your not motivated to write?  Any thoughts?


Mani Monday

I've been doing my own nails lately, and I definitely miss getting them done professionally, however it's nice to be able to change nail colors whenever I want too.  Although, I own a good variety of nail polishes I wanted to step it up a bit, so I ordered 2 bottles of nail polish from Mod Lacquer.  So, for my nails today, I applied 2 coats of Sinful Colors Professional nail laquer Feeling Great and for my top coat, I applied Kosmik Karma from Mod Laquer.  I absolutely love how my nails turned out, and I look forward to purchasing more pretty nail polishes from Mod Lacquer in the future as well:)

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What's In My Bag?

I thought I would do something little different today and share with you the contents in my handbag:) Since I'm a big handbag girl, I normally change my handbags daily.  However, lately I've been trying to carry the same handbag each day, because I always leave something important behind that I need.

So, what's in my bag?  Today, I decided to carry my Gucci Pelham and inside my bag is my wallet, a notebook, pen, my IPhone 5, hand sanitizer, a bottle of Aleve, my Sonia Kashuk make-up bag, Tom Ford Sunglasses, and my Love, Cortnie coin purse.  So tell me, what's in your bag?


It's My Blog's 1st Anniversary!

YEAH!  Let the festivities begin:)  I'm so excited that I've completed my first year of blogging and I'm so anxious to see what my second year holds for me.  When I first started blogging, I really didn't know much about it, but I'm so thankful that I continued blogging in spite of, because I really enjoy doing it. Also, I would like to thank all of my followers for your support and sticking with me, I really appreciate it:)  I can't wait to begin my second year, and my hope is that you will continue on with me through my blogging journey.


Our Drive to Salisbury

It's so hard for me to believe that exactly one week ago today, my two boys, a leopard gecko, my dog Sir, and myself made the twelve hour trip from Indiana to Maryland.  We traveled through Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and before finally arriving in Maryland.  While traveling through these particular states we drove through, around, up, and down the mountains as well.  Also, before finally arriving in Salisbury we had to drive across four bridges too.  I'm so not a fan of bridges.

Although, our trip was long, we stopped several times along the way, this is definitely a trip I will never forget.  Also, this particular trip was my first time driving longer than 8 hours by myself, with me driving solo, and I don't plan on making the trip again:)  Needless to say, we safely moved in our new home and now all we have to do is continue unpacking our boxes and go furniture shopping:)  YEAH!

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Mani Monday: Big Daddy

My nails today were in desperate need of a manicure, so I decided to go ahead and polish them this evening.  So, I chose a fun summer color from Sinful Colors Professionals called Big Daddy.  I applied two coats of Big Daddy's nail polish and for my base and top coat I used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Invisible.  I love how my nails turned out:)

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Karing Card Club: Friendship

Last month I decided to sign up again for the Karing Card Club, this is my second time participating in this club and I really enjoy doing so.  Also, for the month of May our theme was Friendship and for  those of you who aren't familiar with the Karing Card Club, it's a great way to support other bloggers by sending them handmade or a store bought card.  Also, each month there is a theme for the card.
If you would like to participate in June's Karing Card Klub exchange, please click here.

So, I was partnered with Monica and I sent a lovely card about friendship and she also sent me a lovely card about friendship as well.  Here are some photos of my lovely card from Monica: