Shopping Deals

 Floral Blouses (H&M)

 Pink Dress (H&M)

Pink Belt (H&M)
 Brown Sunnies (Forever 21)

 Black, Coral, and Pink Flowers (Forever 21)

Yesterday I got a chance to go the mall, so I decided to stop by H&M an Forever 21.   H&M is one of my favorite stores because their clothes are unique and their prices are very reasonable.  While there,  I saw these sundresses that come in several colors for under $18, so I chose a pink one.  As I was looking around I saw these colorful floral blouses, so I picked up a two of them each under $15 a piece and a pink belt.  
My last stop was Forever 21 and I decided to browse in their accessory section to see what goodies they had in stock.  I saw a these brown sunglasses for under $6 and flower bows  that were under $4 a piece, so I picked up 3 different colors :)  All and all, I didn't think I did bad for a Sunday shopping trip.  Enjoy!

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