Our Drive to Salisbury

It's so hard for me to believe that exactly one week ago today, my two boys, a leopard gecko, my dog Sir, and myself made the twelve hour trip from Indiana to Maryland.  We traveled through Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and before finally arriving in Maryland.  While traveling through these particular states we drove through, around, up, and down the mountains as well.  Also, before finally arriving in Salisbury we had to drive across four bridges too.  I'm so not a fan of bridges.

Although, our trip was long, we stopped several times along the way, this is definitely a trip I will never forget.  Also, this particular trip was my first time driving longer than 8 hours by myself, with me driving solo, and I don't plan on making the trip again:)  Needless to say, we safely moved in our new home and now all we have to do is continue unpacking our boxes and go furniture shopping:)  YEAH!

PS...My blog anniversary is tomorrow, so don't forget to stop on by and join in the fun:)

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